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Technique: Acrylic on canvas

Size: 40x50 cm (framed)


I don't usually buy flowers, but they were about to get rid of them. So I place them in a jar and started painting. I don't usually finish my paintings in just one session, I need to digest the marks I make and decide what comes next. Sometimes this process can take some time and means that the next time you go back to your canvas the flowers will look slightly (or dramatically) different.

I wanted to represent exactly that. The change, the continuous alteration of our surrounding, the preciousness of it all.


    Technique: acrylic on canvas

    Size: 36 x 46 cm

    Canvas streched by the artist.



    If you are dissatisfied with this purchase:

    We work hard to create photographs that represent the work and its colours as close to reality as possible. However, if you are still not happy with the purchase you can return or exchange the work and the full amount will be refunded (postage and packaging costs will apply).


    Shipping costs are calculated individually.

    Free UK delivery for small parcels (e.g. prints and rolled canvas in a tube)

    Worldwide shipping - fully insured from £25 - TBC

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